Applying to Master’s programs

Candidates are to apply via the E-Candidat platform by selecting a maximum of 3 programs. Successful applicants will then be invited to complete the administrative registration process as soon as possible (details about this process will be sent to students upon admission).

Work-Study Master’s Programs : non-EU foreign students who have lived in France for less than 1 year are not eligible to participate in the apprenticeship contract (contrat d’apprentissage) or the professional training contract (contrat de professionnalisation).

Applying Online (E-Candidat) – Required Documents

  • Fiche Régime : compulsory document for selecting either the traditional format of teaching or continuing education ;
  • Legible copy of a national ID card, passport or residence permit ;
  • CV with a photo indicating education, work experience and any supplementary professional information (internships, seminars attended, etc.), language levels, IT proficiency ;
  • Cover Letter ;
  • Recommendation Letter ;
  • High School Transcript (or equivalent) (only for applying to L2, L3 and M1) ;
  • Transcript for the 3 years of undergraduate study (or equivalent) and the grades for the final semester of 3rd year once available ;
  • Transcript for the first year of the master’s program and the grades for the second semester once available (when applying for an M2) ;
  • Where applicable, DELF/DALF results for non-EU students ;
  • Where applicable, the VAPP File (Validation of Personal and Professional Experience) ;
  • Proof of English Proficiency (optional except for the M1 in Comparative Health Law) ;
  • Sworn translation of all foreign diplomas and transcripts ;
  • A job offer letter for all work-study programs (this document will determine admission) ;

All foreign diplomas and transcripts must be accompanied by a sworn translation.
Proof of French proficiency must also be provided in the form of DELF B2, DALF or the TCF (Test de connaissance du Français).

* Applications will not be accepted and examined unless all required documents are transmitted via the E-Candidat platform