Research Centers

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The Center for Business Law and Management

Researchers at the Center for Business Law and Management – CEDAG (EA 1516), led by Professor Dominique Legeais, primarily focus on business financing and operations, financial and asset management, international business relations, digital business, management and the society from an ethical and innovation-driven point of view.

The Center is organized around 5 areas of research, reflecting the work and projects of its members :

  • Business Financing and Operations,
  • Financial and Asset Management,
  • International Business Relations,
  • Digital Business,
  • Management, Ethics, Innovation and Society.

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Maurice Hauriou Center

The Maurice Hauriou Center is headed by Michel Degoffe.

The Center is multidisciplinary by nature as it covers all disciplines related to public law and political science with five main areas of research :

  • Governance and Public Administration
  • The State in Europe and Globalization
  • Law and Religion
  • Law and Geopolitics in the Arab World
  • Energy Markets and Sustainable Development Law

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The Law and Health Institute

Created in 2006, the Law and Health Institute aims at conducting legal research in the fields of health law, health insurance and social protection. It is led by Lydia Morlet-Haïdara and Caroline Le Goffic.

The Institute can be defined as a multidisciplinary establishment of expertise and training for not only legal experts but also researchers, foreign lecturers and practitioners from other related fields such as medicine, pharmacy, biology, sociology, psychology, economics, etc. This allows the Institute to offer fresh perspectives on a range of topics through its legal experts and scientists.
On January 1, 2014, the Institute became the first and only organization specializing in law in France to receive an Inserm label (UMR_S 1145).

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The Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Applied Research in Health Economics or LIRAES (URP 4470), created in 2010, is headed by Damien Besancenot and
is the research center for professors of economics and management of Université Paris Cité.

The Laboratory has participated in the guidance of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences regarding fields in healthcare by developing a scientific project that focuses on the study of healthcare systems and policies from an economic standpoint.

Research areas :

  • economic assessments of public health and prevention policies, and policies relating to the loss of autonomy;
  • medical and economic assessments (cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-utility analysis);
  • behavioral analyses of the supply and use of healthcare;
  • organization of healthcare systems;
  • market analysis of health insurance.

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Institute of Legal History (IHD)

The Institute of Legal History (EA 2515), under the leadership of Arnaud Vergne, studies the history of modern and contemporary legal thought. The Institute explores the history of legal thought in a broad sense, including contributions from leading legal experts, the creation and development of schools of thought, the production of legal publications, the history of legal doctrines, the history of legal concepts and manifestations since their inception, and the transmission of legal models.

The Institute of Legal History focuses its research on two areas :

  • The creation and transmission of legal concepts and models ;
  • The production and reception of legal thought.

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