Students with Disabilities

Services for Students with Disabilities at the Faculty

Within the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management, the contact persons for information on the services for students with disabilities are :

  • Chantal Rolle, Administrative Coordinator for Students with Disabilities
    Tel: +33 (0)1 76 53 44 37
    Ms. Rolle has specific office hours where she meets with students. Students can also choose to make an appointment.

  • Jean-Baptiste Busaall, Academic Coordinator
    Students can make an appointment to meet with Mr. Busaall.

All emails must copy both coordinators to ensure that the information is properly circulated and assistance is provided as best as possible.

The University encourages all students to declare their situation so they can benefit from the measures in place. These measures are meant to assist students living with a disability.

For more information :

In order to receive personalized assistance in the form of an Assistance Plan for Students with Disabilities (PAEH), students must complete the following steps as early as possible :

  1. Students must contact the Faculty’s disability coordinators as soon as possible to be informed on the various modes of assistance available and receive adapted academic guidance
  2. Students must make an appointment with the “Relais Odéon” of the Student Disability Service where they will further discuss the necessary processes with one of the agents.
  • Relais santé et handicap Odéon UP – Université Paris Cité
    12 rue de l’École de Médecine 75006 Paris (Métro Odéon)
    Bureau A1.1
    +33 (0)1 76 53 17 72/64

The agent will discuss the assistance that the students may need and will make suggestions after verifying the technical and academic feasibility of the measures with the Faculty’s coordinators. The Relais Odéon will send the suggestions directly to the University Health Service (SSU).

  1. Students must make an appointment with a doctor from the University Health Service (SSU). The doctor is the only person qualified to inquire about the student’s exact medical situation, which will be used to tailor the assistance to the real and personal needs of the students.

At the end of this process, students will receive an Assistance Plan for Students with Disabilities (PAEH) signed by the University’s president. This is the only document which will certify that students are to benefit from disability assistance. The document must be presented each time the student wishes to benefit from the available measures. Students who do not show the document will not be able to benefit from the assistance.

Students with disabilities are to take note of the available measures by reading the related guide provided by the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management.