Legal Clinic

The Legal Clinic at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management of Université Paris Cité is accessible to students from 3rd year to the doctoral level.

How It Operates

The Legal Clinic operates primarily as a legal information workshop for litigants (individuals, companies, non-profits, etc.) and offers them the possibility to benefit from free legal consultation.

Students may also write articles on the topic of their choosing, which are then published on the Legal Clinic’s website, and/or teach law in elementary schools, junior high and high schools as part of the EDUCADROIT program created by the French Defender of Rights.


Consultation Areas

The consultation areas touch on many fields in law. Students will appreciate the complexity and difficulties related to practicing law and receive assistance from legal experts (lawyers, notaries, etc.) and the Clinic’s academic staff to solve problems.


Learning Outcomes

The Clinic contributes to the quality of the University’s teaching by combining theory with hands-on experience, thereby benefiting students’ knowledge base and methodologies. By working in the clinic, students will:

  • Analyze situations, identify problems and legally describe them ;
  • Present accurate, detailed information to litigants free of cost relating to their rights and obligations ;
  • Where applicable, advise litigants on next steps and grant information relating to institutions and relevant legal experts ;
  • Put classroom theory into practice and broaden their skill set in order to develop their professional profiles ;
  • Give back to the local community by increasing access to information, thereby contributing to their own personal development ;
  • Improve their overall sense of efficiency and better appreciate the usefulness of law in order to build on their desire to pursue the profession.


Preparation for the CRFPA Law Examination