Administration and Contacts




Philippe DIDIER

The statutes of the faculty

General Secretary


Deputy Deans

Marie-Hélène JEANNERET, Deputy Dean, Institutional Development
Michel DEGOFFE, Deputy Dean, Research
Jean-Louis CARPENTIER, Deputy Dean, Professional Continuing Education
Jean-Baptiste BUSAALL, Deputy Dean, Student and Campus Life

Eléonore ALMEIDA Student Representative



Administrative Services
Undergraduate Affairs Office

Bachelor’s in Law

Bachelor’s in Economics and Management


Graduate Affairs Office
  • Sonia Derbal – Head of Graduate Affairs
  • 1st Year Master’s Programs
    – Public Law
    – International Law
    – Business Law
    – Private Law
    – Comparative Law
    – Justice Systems, Lawsuits and Legal Proceedings
    – Digital Law
    – Health Law
    – Notarial Law
    – Legal History and Institutions
  • François Lambert :
    – M1 Specialization in Entrepreneurship
    – M1 Specialization in Ethics and CSR
    – M1 Specialization in Export Practices and Policy
    – M1 Specialization in Planning in Project Design
    – M1 in Risk, Insurance and Decision Making
    – M1 in Health Economics
    – M1 in Applied Economics
    – M2 in Ethics and CSR
  • Estelle Charles :
    – M2 in Law and Development Policies
    – M2 in General International Law
    – M2 in European Business Law
    – M2 in Export Practices and Policies
    – M2 in Health Economics
    – M2 in Risk, Insurance and Decision Making
    – M2 in Applied Economics
  • Françoise Cottereau :
    – M2 in Notarial Law
    – M2 in Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution
    – M2 in International Business Law
    – M2 in Law of Civil and Commercial Obligations
    – M2 in the History of Modern Legal Thought
    – M2 in Planning in Project Design
    – M2 in Regional Authority Administration
    – M2 in Law of Health Product Industries
    – M2 in Medical Activities and Legal Responsibilities
    – M2 in Medicine, Law and Healthcare Policies
  • Daniel Mathurine :
    – M2 in General Public Law
    – M2 in Sustainable Development Law
    – M2 in Business Law
    – M2 in Tax Law
    – M2 in Private Law Practices and Techniques
    – M2 in Entrepreneurship
    – M1 and M2 in Hospitality and Food Service Management
  • Lucas Salaün :
    – M2 in Common Law and Comparative Law
    – M2 in European Legal Culture
    – M2 in Comparative Health Law
  • Nathalia Kapferer – Work-Study Master’s Programs:
    – M1 and M2 in Human Resource Management
    – M1 and M2 in Company Auditing and Risk Management
    – M1 and M2 in Law & Asset Management
    – M2 in Digital Activity Law
    – M2 in Healthcare, Labor and Social Protection
International Relations Office

Head : Lucas Saläun
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Continuing Education, Professional Bachelor’s, University Diplomas
University Diploma in Anglo-American Business Law
Institut d'Études Judiciaires
Preparatory Course (Prépa) – Paris Descartes

Director : Thierry Rambaud, Professor of Public Law

Administrative Contact :
> prepadescartes@droit.parisdescartes
Tel: +33 (0)1 76 53 44 76

Doctoral School


David Noguéro – Director

Josie Yéyé – Secretary

Communications Department

Laetitia Louvet – Communications Coordinator
Orphée Hountondji – Video Production Coordinator

Staff Affairs, APOGEE

Chantal Rolle – Head
Functional Assistance Unit
Marie-Bernadette Arnoux

Research Laboratories

Anne Sarezza – Research Assistant
– the Maurice Hauriou Center – CMH (EA 1515)
– the Center for Business Law and Management – CEDAG (EA 1516)
– the Institute of Legal History – IHD (EA 2515)

Charlotte De Bruyn – Research Assistant
Véronique Fraysse – Secretary
– the Law and Health Institute – IDS (UMR S 1145)
– the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Applied Research in Health Economics – LIRAES (EA 4470)