Incoming Exchange Students

Welcome to the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management !

Contact information

International Relations Office
10 avenue Pierre Larousse
92 240 Malakoff
Tel: (33)1 76 53 44 17 – (33) 1 76 53 44 18

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Our faculty, located at Malakoff – Porte de Vanves campus, offers several academic programs and professional programs in Law, in Economics and in Management. We are a part of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Université Paris Cité.

Non EU Students

Students from outside of the European Union who wish to come and study in France without an international academic agreement must apply through Campus France.

Erasmus / International

Academic coordinators


Sarah Cassella :
Ana Zelcevic-Duhamel :

Economics & Management

Paola Villar :


Courses catalogue

Courses for incoming exchange students

Please note that detailed course syllabi are unavailable as yet and that this catalogue is subject to future modification.


Language level

Students who wish to study at our Faculty must provide a certification of B2 French level according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). We cannot accept students who speak English only.

Double Licence Turin /Paris

En vertu d’un accord conclu entre Université Paris Cité et l’Université de Turin, un nombre limité d’étudiants inscrits dans l’un des deux établissements partenaires et maîtrisant à la fois le français et l’italien peut effectuer la troisième année de sa Licence au sein de l’autre Université.


Cotutelle PhD programs / Doctorat en cotutelle

Cotutelle PhD Programs are leading by the arrêté du 25 mai 2016 (articles 20 à 23) which specifies the general conditions of the thesis.

Les thèses en cotutelle sont régies par l’arrêté du 25 mai 2016 (article 20 à 23). Cet arrêté précise les conditions générales de déroulement de la thèse.

Please contact our Doctoral School (École doctorale).

Residency permits, health and insurance, living in Paris

Tools, practical informations, campus life