Excellence Program in Law

The Excellence Program begins in the second year of the Bachelor’s in Law program or the Bachelor’s in Law – LAS program (for students who wish to pursue the second year of the law program) following a selection process at the end of the first year.

Top-performing L2 students can directly enter the 3rd year of the Excellence Program if they were not selected at the end of the 1st year.

Selected students will benefit from advanced classes with professors of the Faculty, which are designed to produce high-level legal experts. They will also participate in seminars on cross-sectional issues which take the form of critical analysis workshops (L2) and general knowledge courses (L3).

Students of this program tend to move on to one of the many master’s programs offered by the Faculty and are given a priority position for obtaining an internship in M1 as part of the “Work Experience” internship course (see the Faculty’s website, education section). Under certain circumstances, they may also apply to a master’s program at Sciences Po (see partnership between Université Paris Cité and Sciences Po).
The Excellence Program at the undergraduate level aims to enhance students’ abilities regardless of their professional trajectory.

Director : Jérôme François, Professor
Student Affairs Contact: scolarite.licences@droit.parisdescartes.fr


Applying to the Excellence Program


LAW : Space is limited to a maximum of 20 students.
Admission to the Excellence Program is automatic for the top 8 students from L1 Law UPA and the top 8 students from L1 Law UPB. These students can accept or refuse admission into the program. Students who are not within the top ranks may send in their applications, which will then be reviewed by the head of the program. Particular attention will be paid to grades obtained in classes relating to legal fundamentals.